Meditation Sunrise
Meditation: Sunrise

Whenever you hear the word Meditation what comes into your mind is that you are sitting on a ground with your eyes closed and you very peaceful. But why is that? why do we feel peaceful by just closing our eyes for a few minutes isn't it just simple relaxation, why do we call it Meditation?

Peace and Meditation

There is a big reason to it and there is a big harsh truth which no one knows because they are too busy seeking for something that doesn't even exist which is why they are momentarily peaceful not eternally peaceful

The real meaning of peaceful is not to be calm all the time and have zero emotions within yourself but it is quite contrary to it. You will understand the true meaning of Peace when you have seen someone at peace and you have felt it with your heart.

Everything i will tell here is not from just different sites but from practical experience. The real truth is that there is no such thing as peace it is just an emotion or a feeling which you have within your vast lifetime and you want this feeling forever but it never lasts forever as you have noticed by now.

So how does meditation helps with all this all talk about Peace and Joy. The real truth is that it is not the actual source of Peace rather it is just a trigger. A trigger that will help you see what you were not seeing with your mind filled with restless thoughts and emotions. It only enables you to find the resolve which you were able to do from the beginning but you were not able because of various life circumstances.

What is Meditation and Why does it work?

What is meditation?
Meditation is a simple act which many have complicated because they don't know one damn thing about what they are doing. Meditation has no ulterior motive. Meditation is simply letting it all go and doing the simplest act you can find. This simplest act could be focusing on breathing, sensation of your body, hearing sound and even just watching over the thoughts that are coming into your mind. All these acts are totally associated with Peace and makes up the way toward it.

Why it works?
It works mostly when you know what you are doing because meditation is not simply closing your eyes for a minute and relaxing although that exactly what it looks like from a third person's perspective but its quite different for the person experiencing it.

In meditation you simply just let all worries one side and REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE HERE. Meaning that you are here that's why the worries are, that's why fears are and that's why the complications are. But if they weren't there you won't need to do Meditation right? Actually when there are no complication that also becomes problem. In other words your mind suffers from boredom with no complication to tackle. This becomes worse than simple complication and leads to depression.

How does meditation helps?
Meditation will have no ulterior motive as i said above meaning that you don't do it for attaining Peace itself rather you do it for a simple timeout for your mind to enable it to see which it was not seeing. The harsh truth is nothing has any meaning not even this life. You yourself have given it the meaning and a purpose. To start with life you only need to survive but as you flinch forward you realized that life is not over yet there is still more and you start struggling for more yet you never needed to.

Final thoughts

That does not mean you don't need to have Goals and Ambitions but in reality there is no reason for you to do it if you dig deep. And you don't need to give any reason for your Goals and Ambitions because in this short period of time you need to have something to do or you will suffer, SO why not just spend this time the way which would make you feel good. This way you may experience life better than having but nothing achieved on your deathbed.

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