Tomahawk DODGE- Fastest Bike in the world
Dodge Tomahawk - 2019

We probably mostly hear about fastest cars in the world but no one discusses about the fastest bike in the world that broke many records many years ago. The bike we are talking about is unlike anything you would see on your roads. Its a bike that was mainly created for experimental reason but caught the eyes of millions of people all across the world. Yes the bike we are talking about is the Tomahawk by DODGE.

The bike was officially launched on 2003 at the North American International Auto show. The bike at the same auto show caught the sight of many visitors due to its shocking design and incredible power loaded within it. The bike is not officially licensed to be road safe that's why regardless of its unique features you cant drive it on roads. But this still hasn't stop bike lovers from buying this Unique motorbike and around 9 pieces has been sold via Neiman marcus catalog at USD550,000.

Detailed Specification

To describe this bike we have to understand the main purpose of this insane beast and who is it intended for. First we will share some specs about this beast on paper have a look:

Engine:                              8.3 liter, V-10 SRT 10 Dodge Viper engine
Transmission:                 2-speed manual transmission
Maximum power:          500 hp@5600 rpm
Maximum Torque:        712 Nm@4200 rpm
Top speed:                       420 miles per hour
Quick start:                      0 to 60 miles: 2.5 seconds
Rear brakes:                    Dual 508 mm 16 piston discs
Front brakes:                  Single 508 mm 8 piston discs


Dodge Tomahawk has 2 wheels front and 2 wheels back which enable it to take long swings at high speed. Both the wheel upfront and back are coupled together and work perfectly aligned. Two front wheels sprung out allow the bike to lean better at  the corners and countersteer like motorcycle. The bike provides better stability and overall cooler look to the design.


An 8.3 liter gas tank and  V-10 SRT 10 Viper engine designed by Dodge is a true beauty at its mark. The beast has a horsepower of 500-horsepower and truly rumbles hard in person. This bike unlike any other bike has an Automobile Engine packed with 10 cylinders on its sides(as seen above).


Unfortunately no test ride has been done by the company and there is no official max speed information regarding it. But the company has claimed speed around 250mph - 400mph(675kmph), while in real test done by users have claimed it to be around the same mostly above 300mph. The bike reaches upto 60mph in 2.5sec.


DODGE Tomahawk has Independent suspensions for all 4 tyres meaning the ride is totally smooth and shock proof allowing it to reach such high speeds easily. It also another factor that allows the bike to lean better and countersteer as well. At taking corners a lean upto 45° is maintained keeping in view that all the wheel touch the ground because any sharper turns could be dangerous.

Overall design

The design language of this bike looks like something from the sci-fi movies and totally a head turner. This unique piece of art although is not meant to be ridden yet it can still be enjoyed by its owner at various location. With few modification this bike has versions of it that really show the actual beauty of this beast. Similar to what is shown above.

Anyone who has ridden this bike has never regret it, its a unique marvelous piece of art that anyone would love to get their hands on.


This bike although doesn't have much use but it is still one of most beautiful bike on this planet and it doesn't comes cheap as well obviously. The bike is not officially sold by Dodge itself but Hand-built copies of its design has been sold at $550,000. Dodge has called the Tomahawk a ''Rolling sculpture" which is not to be ridden.

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