Hey everybody, are you looking for something to increase your productivity and more specifically you are looking for an app that will help you in your productive life then don't worry we have a list of top 5 productive apps that will help you in your daily life.

There are many kinds of apps each with specific function and features. Such as apps for making notes and apps for staying focused at your task. Different kinds of apps increase your productivity in different departments. Check yourself which works the most for you.

List of apps:

#1. Microsoft Office suite

The Microsoft office suite mobile this might be the most productive apps available on smartphone. The Microsoft office suite enables a users with a new range of business productivity and most user friendly software experience. Now on mobile platform Microsoft is not lacking any much behind. You can create and edit entire word documents, spreadsheets and even create full time presentation just from your smartphone. This is the most ultra versatility i have experienced since the smartphone era. This will seriously help you out a lot if you are in a business environment and you need to interact with these documents on a daily basis.

#2. Evernote

No doubt Evernote is the best note taking app. The feature and functionality you get with this app is so much more than you can expect. Being able to take quick notes, add text with images, capture from camera, make entire lists of items, voice memos and so much more. This is the most brilliant app packed with whole list of features. If you want a notes app then you must opt for Evernote.

#3. Forest: Stay focused

This is a very simple app but one of the most useful app. This app will help you focus on your task by simply making you aware when you are spending time on your task and when you are just wasting time. Whenever you are about to start your task you press a button on the app and let it know that you have started working, this will begin a plant to start growing, but whenever you feel like you are wandering away simply press the button on the app and plant will die if it is stopped before the time you have fixed. This is cool app but requires honesty and is only for motivated person who really want to achieve something.

#4. Grammarly keyboard

This app is available across all platform and you must have heard of in various ads on youtube. This app is quite useful and saves a lot of time. On mobile platform it is available as a keyboard which simply correct all grammar and spelling mistake in any app you use it. This works like magic and improves the overall productivity by removing a simple stress that you might have written something wrong. This is simply must for all those who write formal letters and emails. It's available for English grammar only.

#5. Daylio - Diary, Journal, Mood, Tracker

If you are into writing journals and diaries then this is the most efficient app for you. One of the most cool feature of this app is that you can set a mood for each day before writing your journal and then when you review it later it can tell you the exact nature of the day. It is actually a quite fun app and really brightens up your mood and lets you know how life in general is going. Plus it also a great journal app which has its own benefits as well.

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