Turkey has a rich history and encompasses a wide variety of cultures ranging from Greeks to the Ottoman empire. Turkey has always been the gateway between Europe and Central Asia for thousands of years. Among one of the richest country, with archaeological and historical sites situated across the country Turkey catches the eyes of thousands of tourist from all across the world each year.

Istanbul is the most prominent target while visiting turkey along with many other great visiting destinations. You can enjoy your time here in Boutique Hotels inside caves and even floating in hot air balloons above the Cappadocia. If you like to hangout at a beach then you can certainly checkout Luxury beach resorts along the Aegean Sea. Here are a list of 5 most beautiful places that you must visit in Turkey.

Top 5 most beautiful places in Turkey

1. Istanbul

Blue mosque
Istanbul-Blue mosque

No doubt Istanbul is the first place you would be visiting on your trip. Istanbul has lots of locations where you can enjoy yourself. You can enjoy time visiting some luxurious hotels and ancient mosques. Istanbul also has a beautful markets and townsplace that really bring people closer to each other. Some of the best places that you must visit in Istanbul are Hagia sophia mosque, Blue mosque and Basilica Cestern. Istanbul comes in overall full luxurious packages which are excellent.

2. Ankara

Ankara-At night

Ankara is the cosmopolitan capital of Turkey and sits in the central region. Ankara has rich cultural background and history associated to it. You will find different regions of this city depicting old cultural heritage and pride of Turkey. It is the home for performing art, ballets and opera. People usually have great time visiting this city.

3. Marmaris

Marmaris Resort hotel

Marmaris is hard name to pronounce for a beautiful and loving place. Marmaris is a resort island having busy beaches, open air clubs and fun nightlife on the bar street. People usually come here for a luxurious experience and they mostly find themselves amazed by there experience on this exotic coast island. Great way to relax in Turkey and enjoy your vacations.

4. Ephesus

Temples in Ephesus

An ancient Greek city built in the 10th century BC which brings awe and amazement for anyone who visits this place. This place is mostly a visiting spot that you can put in your schedule while visiting Turkey. It tells a lot about ancient history and there way of living life. The ancient Temples and cemented structures shows the architectural beauty that Greeks possessed in their hand thousands of years ago.

5. Cappadocia

Cappadocia - Air balloons

Cappadocia is a semi-arid region in the central turkey. It is another ancient region with rich historical background and architectural sites. People come here to see the fairly distinctive Cone shaped chimneys clustered in the monks valley and elsewhere. There various ancient rock made churches and building that are totally unique. You can always take a balloon trip and watch the entire valley from a birds eye which is the most astonishing moment in life.

Final thoughts

Most people are nowadays afraid of visiting Turkey because of some terrorist caught in Turkey and a few incident that caught the eyes of many around the world, But none of it is as severe as you might think. People are living happy and enjoying lives easily as before. The forces in Turkey are acting upon the situation and nothing seems to be somewhat harsh, everything is peaceful. If you are thinking of visiting Turkey then be assured you will have a great time and if it is your first visit then you don't want to have second thoughts because this visit will truly amaze you and change the way you think about Turkey.

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