Pakistan is the land of multi cultural and historical background. Around 400 years ago the ancient monuments and historic places that once signified the ancient world are still present at their glorified value and place. People come from all across the world to see these historic place and the beautiful views and landscapes of the Himalayan mountain range.

Among the hundreds of places to visit in Pakistan  some are more worth noting and to be visited by everyone whenever visiting Pakistan. Some places are further in the north with their beautiful views and landscapes but some are present at different sites in Pakistan in the form of historical monuments and buildings.

Here is a list of 5 places that you must visit given the time of your visit at Pakistan.

5 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Pakistan

1. Murree, Northern Pakistan

No doubt Murree is one of the most famous places in Pakistan that is visited by tourist all across the world. People in the southern region to tend to this beautiful place for their vacation and leisure. Murree encounters snowfall during the winter and remains cool during the summer. Nearly 2.3km above the sea level with beautiful mountain ranges this is the best place to visit during your visit to Pakistan.

2. Badshahi Mosque, Punjab

The Great Badshahi mosque is true a ancient site and historical treasure that is worth seeing by all. The effort and architectural beauty of this ancient mosque really drives us to wonder how detailed and bold structure this mosque is. Constructed in the era of Mughals around 300 years ago in the midst 17th century truly is beautiful construction to this time.

3. Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

A true beauty and heaven for all the mountain climbers across the globe. Skardu is a city situated in the midst of Gilgit. The skardu valley is situated across 10km wide and 40km long. With its hilly mountains and having the Karakorum mountain starting at its top this is one of best places for local and international mountain climbers to test their feast and have a good time.

4. Rohtas Fort, Jehlum-Punjab

If you really want to visit a ancient castle then Rohtas fort is best for you. This beautiful ancient fort really tells us alot about the ancient Muslim architects and Mughal dynasty. The beautiful fort built by Pashtun King Sher Shah suri is one of its kind and a great tourist site, visited by thousands of people around the year. An eye catching site must to be visited by all at least once.

5. Lake Saiful Muluk, Naran

Also known as the lake of the fairies and which is true to its name, A real eye watering viewing site. The lake Saiful muluk is situated north into the northern regions of Pakistan. This lake is situated 9km from Naran city where most tourist stay and visit this beautiful lake via a rent jeep as there are no proper roads leading to it. On your way to the Lake you will pass through such beautiful landscapes and areas that your entire journey would become an enjoyment ride.

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