From the creator of Atrix Digital & Trenchh, Dubizzo is the finale master piece going to be launched specifically for the Emirates of Dubai Dubizzo is all set to launch at new Year Eve'2020, the start of next year is bringing you the the most advance platform the World has ever seen. Dubizzo is a community social e-commerce platform covering B2C ( Business to Consumer ) market, starting from Dubai.

Dubizzo will bring you the most exciting and advance content to experience from all across the globe. The Platform is set to change the way we imagined content by introducing the powers of Augmented Reality based content on the go. What makes Dubizzo a true community Platform with services like E-commerce, Blog articles, Event management, Real estates, Socializing, Live Experiences from across the globe in front of your eye as imagined. We believe in an opensource decentralized Universe where everything is an entity itself & that is why Blockchain is the technology behind the scenes that will establish trust between our customers and the platform.

Every user is authenticated and need to utilize its identification ID / National ID to log into the system and once you are in Dubizzo chain, Your face and fingerprint is your identity to log into the system.

The powerful machine learning algorithm that will be running dubizzo, will be classifying profiles of the customers and defining complete data for the generic groups likes and dislikes. This would be useful in order to determine the key characteristic of the customers. Dubizzo enables a complete new level of high performant technology readily available to our customers.

The network architecture of Dubizzo resemble that of Netflix with more advance touches. The VAR content having large size needs to be streamed at very high speed to provide lag free performance to our customers.

Blockchain is also the key member of the overview stack as this will server the foundation for our customers to utilize the trusted data by all customers and to interact directly with them and all data will be maintained in an uncorrupted format of every events and people in the system being on blockchain ledger.  The currency that will be used to buy / sell / transfer in the Dubizzo platform is D Coin, a customized cryptocurrency to buy items and interact with Dubizzo.

Dubizzo Fashion Fiesta will be showcasing the first ever most advance body clothing Augmented Reality simulation, that will enable customers to see how the dress would look like on them. The customer will first determine its measurement either manually or through AR Ruler provided on the Dubizzo Platform to provide accurate measurement.

Once done, 4 -5 body scan will be taken to determine exact measurement of the body and every cloth available on dubizzo would be altered specifically for our customers to checkout how the dress would look on them on perfect fitting . Since, Dubizzo is only providing services for luxury brands and dresses that are personalized for each customers. Dubizzo fashion Guide will provide the customers to see what people with their measurements from their area likes to wear and what is the current trend going on in the World for people alike you.

Fashion Fiesta module is going to be highly advance in determining lot of things for the customer and providing them not just access to dresses but glass wears, shoes and jewellery on the go. Since, Dubizzo will show stuff that fits you and are perfectly matching your demand, customers can shop without any worry of fitting or measurements.

Dubizzo quality certificate (DQC) will enable customers to see the exact product material, color, condition in depth and to determine everything along with it. If customers want to get microscopic examine of the material or compare it with other brand material, they will can check that too. DQC will ensure that everything is as per demand, and once you receive the order, scan the D Coin QRCode to earn discount coupons and coins to the account. Once, you have scanned, the order is marked as satisfied and will ask you to provide your review about the material and a live customer video for our clients to ensure.

The Real Estate is also going to be the game changer in the market with its support for AR map of the building and you can deploy that anywhere you want and determine how it look like from outside view. If you want a better look for inside, you can get that too from a click of options.


The project is going to be a revolutionary utilizing the most advance technology available at time and to be launched in Dubai expo 2020 to showcase the World most advance Platform changing the perspective of content we perceive.

Dubizzo Platform is looking for new investors as giving such services requires lot of effort and marketing budget.