On 28th October 2019, Apple launched its new Apple Airpods Pro and they available for pre-order right away but they will be available in stores by 30th October,2019. The sample product have already been provided to the reviewers and journalist have confirmed the dates as well.

What's New?


Apple has made some significant changes to the new Airpods Pro. The new Apple Airpods Pro are more compact and ear friendlier then before, instead of a previous Flat ear tip design the new Apple Airpods Pro comes with a Q-tip with 3 different variation depending upon the size of your ear.

The new Apple Airpod Pro charging capsule is also slightly different than before. The new capsule box instead of  opening vertical it now has a horizontal opening plus it is slightly thinner as well but does look an bad. The new capsule same as before fits perfectly in your pocket and provide ultimate portability.


The new Apple Airpods Pro comes with new Active noise cancellation hardware. Unlike passive noise cancellation it works like a charm and you actually feel the difference when putting them in your ear. The new Airpods Pro are also a bit heavier when compared to previous Airpods but not to be noticeable.

The sound quality has also been improved mostly due to the noise cancellation software but also the new Apple sound drivers that have been installed within. They provide a better quality and clear sound then previous models.


Apple has added some new sensors to the new Apple Airpods Pro. They now include a Motion and Force sensor on its tail which you can use to perform different gestures. In the previous version we needed to only tap the head for control but in the newer model you have to grab the tail and then perform taps on the earbud which is totally understandable give the new q-tip design of the Airpods. The new sensor is pressure sensitive which allows you to perform more gestures then before.

Another thing that apple has installed is the transparency mode which allows air from the top of the earbud's head to flow into the ear which doesn't make you feel like you ears are clogged when you put them in.


The new Apple Airpods Pro  have more control than before. Now you can single tap, double tap, triple tap and even press & hold to stop/start Active noise cancellation, compared to only single tap function on previous Airpods.

Single tap to: Play, pause, or answer a phone call
Double tap to: Skip forward
Triple tap: Skip back
Press & Hold: Stop/Start Active noise cancellation and transparency mode


The new Apple Airpods pro does not come cheap infact they are almost a 100$ bucks more than the previous models. The name Pro whenever included they always means expensive, that has been the deal with Apple for a long time. The new Apple Airpods Pro have a price $249 and they will be available on 3oth October 2019.

Amazon Pre-Order: https://amzn.to/2JzeaG1

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