On 21 November, 2019 Elon Musk presented us with the new Tesla Cybertruck. On first look the truck looks something straight out of some Sci-fi movie. People shouted in awe and surprise because this was not what anyone was expecting but when Elon musk started explaining its features everyone got more excited.

The Cyber Truck is a very robust and packed with tons of power. Its towing capability has been tested and proved to be better than Ford F150. The Cyber truck in additional to being just a pickup truck is also comfortable and enjoyable to ride.

The adaptive air suspension allows you to have a smooth ride even when you are loading 3000 pounds on your Cybertruck. The Cybertruck has an active air suspension and damping control which allows the truck to easily adjust to the amount of load you put on.

Exoskeleton Body

Cybertruck Exoskeleton

The exterior is really impressive and comprises of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel with Tesla armor glass both are impenetrable to some extent. The body is hard enough to block 9 mm bullets and the glass is also more durable and harder than normal glass.


This is a beautiful vehicle no doubt and the minimalist design of Tesla is preference for many users. A single touch screen Panel to control the whole vehicle gives futuristic approach to all Tesla vehicles. Furthermore the dashboard has a White tile design giving the feeling at home.

Range and Power

Tesla is offering three variants: 1. Single Motor RWD ; 2. Dual Motor AWD ; 3. Tri Motor AWD.

With each upgrade varies Speed(0-60), Range and Towing capacity(TC). With Single motor RWD (rear wheel drive) you get 250+ miles and 7,500+ Lbs TC. With Dual motor AWD(all wheel Drive) you get 300+ miles and 10,000+ Lbs TC. With Tri motor AWD you get 500+ miles and 14,000+ Lbs TC.

Price and shipment

The Single motor RWD has price of $39,900, Dual motor AWD has price of $49,900 and Tri motor AWD has price of $69,900. An additional $7,000 for Full self driving is available also

Although Full self driving is not available yet in 2019 but Tesla is already making people become assured that Full self driving is in the near future and furthermore asking for a premium of $7,000 now is almost like removing all doubts whether or not about its availability.

You can Pre-order Tesla Cybertruck right now for only $100 while you will be able to configure it in the late 2021 and Single motor RWD production is expected to begin in late 2022.