5G Network

Since the time of the first availability of wireless network connection we have upgraded our technologies drastically. In earlier times we struggled to download something that was only a few KBs  and indeed a long wait was required to get the data we required. But those days soon went away and we entered the age of 3G networking.

Older Networks - 2G 3G 4G

The connection speed had improved and increase in signal towers also increased the overall connection signals availability and stability. This was a huge advancement but this did not happen over night a couple years were passed after which true 3G networking was attained.

Same was the case of 4G although it still hasn't been widely circulated as the 3G network towers which are almost available all around the world. The difference in speed between 2g and 3g was a big step and nearly changed the world. And 4G actually made everything smoother and made streaming as smooth like it was never before.

New 5G Network

After all this talk about previous networks, 5G is another story. It's something else, It  is 1000x faster more than a 4G and  1 million times more than 2g network. If don't know what i am talking about check the chart below for better comparison.

5g Speed
5g Comparison

Bandwidth Range

The bandwidth network antenna distance range is a big problem with the 5G network. Meaning that you have to be very close to the network antenna plus in perfect line with no obstacles between the direct range. This is problematic which can cause most 5G to work same as light bulb. When you are under direct ray from the antenna you will have signals but if you move slightly further you will lose entire connectivity.

5G has a range of 500 feet from direct line of connect from the tower with no obstacles in between. The reason behind it is that when you increase the range you lose frequency like 2g which has the furthest range but when you increase the frequency you attain faster speeds but lower range because the higher frequency cause the waves to deflect from object making them impossible to penetrate this is the same case with 5G.

When will 5G arrive?

Actually 5G has already arrived and it has been implemented in various countries all around the world, South Korea was the first to implement 5G having shipped 53,000 base stations at the time, out of 86,000 base sta.tions installed across the country at the time, in April 2019.

But still there are not enough 5G smartphones available to avail the full speed of the 5G. 5G is mostly working on open grounds and still not being able to properly run indoors.

In the future it is expected to have hundreds of 5G poles situated at every corner of the street or even every other 2nd house so that the 5G network could properly function. But that still would only be available in denser cities like New York, Boston or Washington it still might not be available on widely situated residential areas.

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