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Unravel the latest devices being launched into the odyssey of tech geek wonders by the latest tech magnets like Samsung, Apple & Google.

Realme XT - Better Than Huawei?

The people are more reluctant to buy phones that provide better value for money and this is why Realme providing us with the most valuable phones for our money.

New Motorola Razr flip Phone - 2019

The FLIP SMARTPHONE for the first time ever has been introduced. The screen ratio is odd 21:9 and the chipset plus the battery is not that great at all.

Top 5 Mobile games of all time - IOS/Android 2019

Among thousands of mobile game apps some are worth noting extra attention. #1. PUBG mobile: join the community in the most famous battle royale.

Top 5 Productivity Apps - IOS/Android 2019

The Microsoft office suite mobile this might be the most productive apps available on smartphone.If you are into writing journals and diaries then this is the most efficient app for you.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: Which should you buy?

One of such major step which the Google has taken is that they have REMOVED FINGERPRINT from pixel 4 which is believe to be gone for good.The best color to buy Google pixel 4 is 'Oh So ORANGE'.

Call of Duty Mobile-Full review

Call of duty is back with a new platform to conquer the shooting games once again. COD mobile offers two game mode for our delight.Multiplayer mode:., Battle Royale mode:.,

BEST Smartphone to Buy in 2019- Oneplus 7T

The new Oneplus 7t is coming out with the new android 10 along with the latest version of the Oxygen OS 10.0. This is the first mid range 90Hz display phone on the market and this is a huge difference given that no other smartphone company is providing you with it.