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How to make your room tidier? Useful tips

Your room is a place where you can find peace and tranquility away from the world but it can also become a misery if you don't care for it.

Why is Meditation necessary for everyone? Real Practical Truth

Meditation has no ulterior motive. Meditation is simply letting it all go and doing the simplest act you can find. REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE HERE.

5 Important things after you Wake up

Opening up your curtains and letting the bright sunlight come in and this simple act would change your sleep cycle.Eggs are must for breakfast.

7 tips for a Goodnight sleep

Any nap longer than 30min will take your sleep at night. So avoid any long naps during afternoon for a good night sleep.Never go to bed with a stressed mind.

Office in Ramadan, not that easy task

Office in Ramadan while working in a diverse workplace is not easy at all. However, if people around you are understanding things can turn to your favor.