Samsung Galaxy fold 2 - 2020
Samsung Galaxy fold 2 - 2020


Samsung has just revealed the new design for its Samsung Galaxy fold line up. In the SDC 2019 Samsung officially announced the unveiling of its new smartphone coming next year. They provided a sneak peak trailer of the device on the Big screen where they basically only showed the sneak view of the phone but did not talked about the internal hardware.

The design as seen from the trailer released by Samsung shows the clamp fold of the device with a slightly hunch display for split apps view. Nothing much has been talked about it rather than the news that its coming soon.

Samsung has claimed that it would selling around 6 million units of its Folding smartphones in 2020 which is a huge number give the price also. The Samsung Galaxy Fold (the tablet) comes around at a price of $2,000 which is definitely expensive and for it to reach 6 million sales looks impossible. So that's is why Samsung is introducing a slightly lightly version of Folding smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is smaller in size than its predecessor but the height is a bit longer. Rumors tells us that the height of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would be 6.2inch whereas the outer back would have 1inch display for quick access like its predecessor.

New design - Why?

So why would Samsung introduce a new design when they had already been working on their previous phone. Price: The reason is that the previous version was costing a huge amount and for a new phone with a new form factor to enter the market need a great market acceptance which they were still not getting. To make the people agree with the new concept of smartphone they had to introduce a lower cheaper version of their folding smartphone which would allow them to penetrate the people and let them develop the idea of Folding smartphone much better than before.

Another reason which led the Samsung to introduce a new smartphone is the failure of the previous even after various tests. They simply were not getting there and they need to show progress so that's why they introduced a version which seems more robust and reliable than its predecessor.

The New 'One UI 2 - Samsung Android Skin

Along with their new phone they also introduced the new One UI 2  official Samsung android skins which they had been improving for a long time. They introduced the new UI in a dramatic way which showed all the lacking that people were having with the stock android which they made them better. They also introduced the new Dark mode which overlays the entire UI and provide a comfortable night time viewing display.

Final Thoughts

Samsung is a smart company and it knows how gather shares in the market and it is doing very well. With the launch of another Folding smartphone they are basically going to own this form factor. Once they attain the market's popularity regarding their new Smartphone they will own the entire shares and leave no room for anyone's entry. They have now introduced a higher and lower version to their lineup, Lets see how much the market accept the newer concept of Foldable Smartphones.

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