Realme XT is another great phone launched by Realme. Realme is rapidly rising in popularity and gaining it market in the South East asian Market. The people are more reluctant to buy phones that provide better value for money and this is why Realme providing us with the most valuable phones for our money.

Although Realme still doesn't compete with the higher end smartphones like the Samsung and Apple manufactures but still they are providing the best smartphone for mid range and lower end.

Such another great value smartphone is the Realme XT it is a update to Realme X and X2 providing  better specs along with a dew drop design instead of the motorized front camera found in Realme X.



In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Realme XT

A big bold move adopted by Realme for their newer flagship is the in-display Fingerprint sensors. The in-display if compared to other manufacturers like the Samsung is providing on its A-50 and A-70 is mile a head and far better . The experience and speed is similar to a regular fingerprint. There is far less to complain and more to appreciate.


Realme XT

The Realme is no behind it's camera departments. It is providing 4 cameras each with its own specific purpose. There is a main camera of 64 MP along with a, Ultrawide, Macro and Depth sensor cameras. The photos won't still be at par with the high smartphones but still the depth and detail due to the high megapixel camera is remarkably good.


The battery is also a selling feature of all the Realme smartphones. They have excellent battery timing due big mAh battery. Realme XT has 4,000 mAh battery and it provides a good amount of charge for your entire day.

Fast Charging

Another interesting feature that is worth to be mentioning is the Fast charging capabilities on this device. In the box you get a 20W charger along with the USB type - C cable. The phone charges 50% in 30min and a full charge takes place at 90min mark time.


The Price of Realme XT is 299$ which is the best price for the specs you can get. This can be considered the next budget king for the asian smartphone users. This is the best smartphone you can get for value. Try Realme X for a full screen experience. Link is given below:

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