Razer Hammerhead Wireless Earbuds
Razer Hammerhead Wireless Earbuds - 2019

Razor has just introduced its first own Earbuds similar to many other but with one unique feature. The earbuds are really simple and there is not anything too much extra that can be pointed out But just one feature which Razer has been building their brand on and it's GAMING.

There is a plus point we can say and that is the price. The new Razer hammerhead wireless earbuds come at $99.99 which compared to other wireless earbuds we are getting on the market is actually quite cheap. The Apple Airpods start at $149.99 and the Sony WF-100XM3 are priced around $250 compared to Razer Earbuds the Razer earbuds are cheaper but there is one big downside to it also.

The Razer Ear bud does not have noise cancellation and also the battery timing is also less as compared to others. But still at this price point some sacrifices are easily understandable. Lets discuss some features.



The design is pretty much similar to the Apple airpods almost to the point they look exactly the same if we remove the logo from the back of each earpiece. The earpods are mostly comfortable in all types of ear and do not fall of that easily. The Razer has also included a rubber grip for the earpieces to provide a grippier touch to their earbuds and which i believe works quite really well.

The capsule is quite pocket friendly as well and you carry it with you anywhere you want. They have also included a strap in the box which you can attach to your capsule for extra reliance and holding in your hand.

The earbuds are also IPX4 water resistance which does not provide any bigger change like you can't dip these earbuds into water ever. But still for running water across the surfaces of these earbuds like rain and sweat they can perform excellent.

The earbuds also have sensors on its back which allow various function except volume control which you can still do it via google assistant.


The sound coming from these earbuds is quite good but still not in comparison with any over the ear headphones. The Razer Hammerheads have Bluetooth 5.0 which means zero latency and strong reliable connection. Other than this the Earbuds also a gaming mode which offer a very lower latency especially for gaming and we know how much latency affects the gaming. The latency is reduced to 0.6ms which is almost zero latency and offers good gaming experience.

The sound frequencies are more focused on mid range which is easily understandable because of its more focus on gaming the sound usually resides between mid range  frequencies allowing you hear the most out of your earbuds. The treble is not very pinching as you might think and there is also a sligh decent amount of bass also.


This is the part where it is quite disappointing to discuss. The battery life is only max 3 hrs and 16 hours with the capsule. This is disappointing because you might not even be able to watch a full fledge 3 hour movie without charging it up again. The option for a quick charge is also not mentioned.

The capsule is chargeable via USB type - C which can be a plus point but still the charging is not subtle nor fast as compared to other earbuds on the market.

Final verdict

The Razer hammerheads are overall a nice package and especially considering the price also. It is the only pair of true wireless earbuds that Razer is providing and if you are a Razer brand follower then be sure to check them out but still buy a wired good headset for your daily stuff and keep this one for the on the Go.