Razer Basilisk Ultimate - 2019
Razer Basilisk Ultimate - 2019

Razor has just stepped up its game and i mean actual gaming as well. The new Razer Basilisk gaming mouse is an all rounder and competitor one to one against the Logitech G502. With better specific gaming features and the new dock for the mouse really makes it feel like the best choice to get.

Besides the features available on the mouse, the dock has its own unique touch. The dock provides a reliable docking place whenever you get up from your desk in other words now you have place to put your mouse and recharge it both at the same time.

Best features of Razer Basilisk ultimate that makes it stand out from other are discussed below.



The first thing you will notice when grabbing the mouse is that it's slightly heavier mouse but lighter compared to the Logitech G502. The Logitech G502 is 114g and the Razer Basilisk Ultimate is 107g. You also get some added weight along with Logitech which makes it even heavier if you apply them.

So is lighter better or heavier? That depends on you but if prefer mouse that are light and easy to move around. If you are looking for a light weight mouse than this can be your best choice.

Customizable Scrolling

The scroll also has a feature which allows you to adjust the scroll wheel movements to your likings. There is a scroll down below which allows you to adjust the resistance of the wheel while scrolling. It could be made almost very rigid or almost loose enough to scroll with extreme smoothness.

One thing to be noted is that unlike Logitech G502 inertial scroll it does not keep on rolling on its own. It only becomes smoother to scroll while moving the scroll wheel.

Sensitivity and Connection speed

To be clear if you are spending good money on a Gaming mouse than the most important thing is the sensitivity and connection reliability. Razer has really put hard work on the performance of this mouse. The Connectivity is extremely reliable along with the Dock attached to the pc it really improves the output. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has 5 sensitivity option. You can choose between any of the Default: 800/1800/4000/9000/20000 Dpi.

The mouse also allows upto 100 hours of battery timing. Although that is only when you keep the lightings disabled but still an awesome battery timing plus there is the option for a dock too which means almost full battery all the time.

Design and other features

Design is almost ergonomic like any other good gaming mouse. The side feels are sturdier and provide better grip. The below mouse pads have been made with High quality PTFE- a material used for non stick pans which really makes the gliding much smoother.

There is an option for a wired connection option upfront available if you don't opt for a dock. The wire you get with it is really flexible and easier to use but i would still prefer dock a seamless always wireless experience.


One important thing that i want to discuss now is the build quality. This is where Razer i think has made no compromises. The Clickiness of the primary button has a response of 0.2ms and buttons have been tested to last 70 million click thus making it the most durable mouse out there.

There are 11 programmable buttons along with cool RGB lighting which Razer devices never seem to ever lack.


The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has price of $149.99 but with the dock you can get it for $169.99. When compared to other option such as the Logitech G502 this might be the best gaming mouse you can opt for. But still at the end it comes all down upto your preferences also because both mouse are of high quality.

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