Razor Raptor 27

Razor has just launched another product in the gaming arena and I have to say that it is quite Good. The laptop has a vivid and sharper display for clear vision which really outshines other monitors. The laptop also has fast 144Hz display refresh rate which has a fast response rate and really outshines in performance.

The monitor is an overall nice monitor and with a razor gaming logo to it you can really expect some good gaming performance as well. The real problem that comes with monitor is Value which it really has to competes with other monitor companies who are providing same spec at lower cost.

When judging a gaming monitor it comes down to two main things which decide whether it is good or not. Gaming and Design overall. I will discuss these two aspects of Razor raptor 27 below.


If we talk about gaming then doubt it is going to be superb for two reasons exact. It's gaming monitor and it is manufactured by a gaming tech company so gaming on this monitor was going to be marvelous as expected. The monitor has 144Hz panel which is total game changer if you come across anything like it in real life. The 95% DCI-P3 color specification with HDR 400 does not let you down one bit.

The response rate is pretty awesome(1ms) and the overall viewing angles are perfect and do not show any sort of dullness when viewed from sides or front. The monitor also provides G-Sync capabilities which is a bonus factor along other things. Although it is to be noticed is that there is Nvidia hardware instead it only support the feature which is cool to have.

One major thing  about the monitor is that it is fairly bright IPS LCD panel when viewed with HDR on it really lights up your eyes. So its better to keep it low on brightness and enjoy your gaming.


The monitor has cool sRGB lighting at the bottom of its base which makes it show like a premium gaming monitor. The color are easily adjust through the Razer software built in the monitor and also through the software on the PC. The sRGB lighting works through USB-A cable attached on its back. One important thing abou the Razer Raptor is that it has its own cable management meaning that it has it own cables that are specifically adjusted and have curves and cuts to work best for the monitor. Although this might seem like a bummer if you think about the long term usage (if they get lost or broke)but in actual the cables are high quality and really shows the premium aspect of this monitor.

There is one problem with the monitor is that the height is not adjustable although the pivot is movable but it does not affect much if you don't work on proper gaming setup. The height is pre-adjusted by Razer and it is actually perfect if you ask me. Anyone who will be sitting in front of this monitor will not find it too up or down unless you are a 7 feet monster but still then you can adjust desk and other stuff which is a considerable if you are more ease person.


The Razer Raptor 27' is available in US and can be ordered for $699 which is not cheap plus shipping charges as well. Although the price is quite high but the spec are kept upto par as well. The real reason for a high price is because Razer is moving toward becoming a brand and that is why it want to up price its product to keep customer trust towards it product.

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