Node.js Doctrine 2020

Node.js in 2020, what is the best way to implement node.js for backend in 2020 in way that yields most performance, security, reliability and scalability in terms of architecture. Also, ensuring strong typing based steps to make sure that going for a very advance approach. Why we must learn node.js Multi-thread instead of single thread by default approach for our next backend, how to overcome the very complexity of security challenges that node.js can resolve along with developing a strong API architecture to make sure that every request is handled in a proper way. What are the best available maintained npm packages that we can utilize and must utilize to provide better dynamic development of our backend. How to use Node.js in a startup where one should least worry about the high cost of servers.

Best Node.js guide 2020
What is a Doctrine

Node.js Doctrine is a set of beliefs and concept among developers developed by developers which set the very straight picture of the framework and its features. The following article states the most advance Node.js Doctrine that is open to any challenge and written by very experienced developer having hands on knowledge of advance and latest features of node.js.

Problem with current Node.js Doctrine

Well, the problem is that the principles stated by previous developers and tutorials out there which teaches new developers to learn node.js in a very amateur way without highlighting the complex and core features of node.js focusing only on developing simple REST API and the tutorials mostly explains the ExpressJS part rather than the core features of Node.js and how powerful node.js can be in the hands of a master and also why node.js is the best as compared to any other backend development technology out in the market.

Node.js Doctrine 2020

This doctrine states the core tools and technology one must adopt and how to node.js as a backend for an advance enterprise application or general application backend usage. However, please note that this has nothing to do with the official Node.js team, This is written for better understanding of the new features that node.js offers for us to develop robust backend API. This article may get very long as compared to others of my articles but i have tried to leave no stones un turned while writing this and be assured that everything here will not only make you a better developer but in-fact you will have a very sound knowledge of how powerful Node.js can be. Excited? let get started then.

Node.js Framework comparisons

Node.js has come a very long way and you canf ind tons of new frameworks out their based on TypeScript for Node.js which are basically microFrameworks(backend) that provide utility features and much more. We are going to discuss the top three that are currently very popular & will hold a large significance in 2020.

  1. Nest.js (express under the hood)
  2. LoopBack v4  (express under the hood)
  3. Fastify

I know most of you cool developers out there are thinking that i am crazy because i did not mention express JS however, both Nest & Loopback uses a modified version of ExpressJS under the hood but fastify is an alternative to ExpressJS.


A microframework backend for building efficient scalable server-side applications. For HTTP it uses framework like Express but i can also use Fastify as well!  NestJS is a complete framework for server-side application covering every aspect of development. It is also highly integrable and wraps up express or fastify.js for HTTP,


Fastify is actually a tiny microservice library that is very fast as compared to alternatives with less overhead with the factor of 10, means that fastify is almost 10 times faster than express because of the use of fast-json-stringify and find-my-way. Now you must've wondering what the heck is find-my-way and fast-json-stringify, well here is some explanation.

1. Find-my-way  - An HTTP Router using Radix Tree which makes it very fast.
2. Fast-json-stringify - An alternative to JSON.stringify() but much faster.

Well this is what makes the fastify faster as compared to alternatives and i am not saying express is bad or something, but sometimes you don't need too much overhead tools and fastify is made to focus only with the main primary tasks.

Node.js Ultimate guidelines

The following guidelines is considered as one of the best guidelines for developing node.js application in 2020  having content as described in the following.

Table of Contents

  • Node.js with Typescript
  • The folder structure
  • 3 Layer architecture
  • Service layer
  • Pub/Sub Layer
  • Dependency Injection
  • Unit Testing
  • Cron Jobs & recurring Jobs
  • Configuration and secret
  • Loaders

- Node.js with Typescript

Node.js is a platform / technology that is used to execute JavaScript code in the server-side built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Mainly based on event-driven, non-blocking I/O . It is primarily a single threaded but can run multi-thread operations if required. NPM is the largest package ecosystem. Node.js can also be used as a server or server-side scripting language.

TypeScript is a post compile JavaScript language that ensure strong typing and making your application development consistent and provides more features to develop strongly typed applications.

TypeScript with Node.js provides so much versatility

- Folder Structure

In order to get stared with node.js one must learn how to organize folders and files in a perfect node.js project. After developing many applications we have developed the best available structure.

- api/
- config/
- interfaces/
- lib/
- models/
- services/
- subscribers/
- types/

This is an ideal folder structure that can have much higher level scope and properly be used by newcomers. For this type of architecture you must have amount of chakra and patience. Setting it up for the very first time maybe hard for most of us as it takes time and to overcome that you can checkout my repository : node-doctrine-2020-boilerplate.

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