Macbook Pro 16' - 2019
Macbook Pro 16' - 2019 

The all new macbook pro 6 inch has been finally launched and we can finally say that we have the best Macbook that we have been waiting for. This is the first time Apple has finally listened to its users and provided us a solution to all  that problems that we had been having with the previous macbooks.

The new macbook is not only better but it's cheaper compared to the upgraded hardware and features. In fact the new Macbook pro is the same price as the 2018 15 inch Macbook pro. This is the most unbelievable part but it's true that Apple didn't increase the price as it has usually done with each newer model.

There are some new features as well associated with the new 16 inch Macbook pro beside the increase in screen size.

Bigger battery

The new macbook has bigger battery and it is the right amount as well which we all needed. The new battery is 100 watt which is to be TSA safe and you can carry it with yourself on the plane as well. The newer Macbook pro 16 regardless of the display has 1 hour more battery time than previous 15'' Macbook pro.

Microphone And Speakers

The new macbook pro 16'' features a studio quality three micro ray with high SNR directional beam forming and in other words its a better microphone. It is the best microphone in any laptop ever.

The speakers are more impressive the microphone and it can't be taken lightly. Apple has really outdone themselves and the speakers are eye openers for anyone who listen for the first time.

Better GPU

Apple has truly done it when it comes to GPU performance and temperature balance. The newer Amd Radeon Pro 5500M GDDR6 provides an overall better usage and graphic performance. The gaming is improved and video editing is way faster than before.

Other Features

Some other features that Apple has updated by actually listening to its customer are the keyboard adjustments and display ratio. Also the new upgrade option are unbelievable.


The new keyboard is better and improved but not as you think so. The newer keyboard doesn't have butterfly keyboard instead a newer hybrid version of it is installed. It is pretty similar to previous version of macbooks but it still retain the clickiness of the butterfly keys.

The Esc key has been made physical instead of the touch bar icon. This really feels like daily tweek which we all had been wanting. Also the arrow keys have shaped for a friendlier experience and it is quite thoughtful.

Smaller bezels Display

The display has smaller bezels on the sides and much smaller on the horizontal which keeps up to the 2019 standard displays.

Upgrade option and Price

The upgrade options are unbelievable : Now you can have upto 8TB storage SSD and 64GB Ram on a Macbook pro. This might be the most expendable laptop ever. But this obviously doesn't means that such upgrade would be cheap in face they would cost you the double the price of the Macbook pro you intended to buy.

The Best part is also the price the newer Macbook pro has same price as the previous 2019 15' macbook pro: from $2399. Apple really shocked everyone with the price alone. This is the best Macbook  Apple has ever made ever.

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