Stop Spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become the next big headline for the world. Cases upto 10,000 has been identified from around the world. This is an indeed harsh time and some big measures are required to be taken.

IMF(International Monetary fund)  has announced to provide $50 Billion in aid for the countries that are under coronavirus's outbreak. Chinese scientists have been working day and night on its cure. According to the latest research it has been identified there are two different strains COVID- 19 has been identified. They believe that the Aggressive strain analyzed seem to have resulted from mutation. This has led to further research and study.

Although the research is being conducted and we are hopeful for good results, there are some measures we should take to prevent its spreading.

What is Coronavirus?

Before we talk about the measures to be taken we need to have some basic understanding of the virus itself.

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that range from the common cold to MERS coronavirus, which is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus and SARs.

Corona viruses are circulating in animals and some of these coronaviruses have the capability of transmitting between animals and humans. They travel  through air and other medium as well.

Coronavirus is inactive in the atmosphere but once it enters the body it starts replicating. The main attack is on the respiratory system which further leads to other health problems.

One thing to be noted is that Viruses belonging to any family even corona, are death alarming when the host has a weak immune system. If a person with a weak immune system catches the virus he has a very less likely chance of surviving. People of young ages and Older members of community are more prone to severe symptoms.


The main idea of prevention from any form of Viruses is to prevent it from entering into your body. Virus can travel through any medium, through air, upon physical contact, liquid and even through open cuts on your body.

If the Virus enters your blood stream it will become activated and start causing harm. Replication starts taking place and several parts of your body start becoming affected.

To prevent a Virus from spreading we have to consider all the ways a virus can spread to you and enter in to your system. So we will discus each mode of Transmission for the virus and the measures we can take for its prevention.

Through AIR

A person ill with virus will be throwing the virus everywhere even through normal breathing. The breath comes from the lungs, which has been infected by the virus, into the atmosphere. The virus if taken in by another person would cause him to be affected as well.

The whole process can be very slow. The person who is affected might not even know he is infected until later stages of the symptoms start appearing. So it doesn't matter that the person who is Coughing hard is the only person who is infected. Maybe everyone around him has already been infected.

For the lucky ones who are still not infected or the virus has not spread to them they can take several measures to prevent the virus from spreading to them.

#1 Keep your mouth moist

When you have  a moisture in your mouth it will prevent the virus from entering your lungs. Any virus that comes with the air will stick to the nasal canal. Your chances of getting infected with the virus greatly reduce.

So try drinking a glass of water or even a sip every 2-3 hrs so that your mouth remains moist.

#2 Wearing mask

Wearing mask is a way you can decrease your chances of infection. But as you  have heard that it has a low rate of prevention. The viruses are microscopic organisms and unlike bacteria they are quite smaller. They can easily pass through your mask and into your mouth. There are chances that it might stick to the surface of the mask but the chances for that is also very low. Nevertheless you should take any measure you can and buy a mask from your nearest medical store.

One additional thing, you don't need just any mask but a surgical mask is what you should buy. Other types of masks would be totally ineffective and useless. Surgical masks have different layers of fabric aligned in a manner to prevent any kind of germs from spreading. So don't make mistake risking your life for a few bucks.

Through WATER

Water is another way viruses could spread but it is the not most suitable environment for the virus. Water being volatile can be good mode of transmission for viruses. Unlike bacteria a virus doesn't starts spreading in water and causing complete contamination but never the least even a single virus in the liquid can infect your entire body.

To prevent the virus in water is quite easy, viruses don't survive at different temperature, pH or concentration levels.

#1 Drink clean water

Keep your drinking water covered all the time and don't just use somebody else's water bottle. Try keeping your own bottle with you all the time.

#2 Avoid Stagnant waters from gathering

Stay away from stagnant waters and don't try to come in contact with them even on your ways across the valleys.

Remember all this information has been provided for prevention of viruses. Further investigation of the Coronavirus may lead to further understanding of its spread and lethal attributes.