Every now and then we start lacking in our responsibilities and before we know it they gather up to form a big mess. Especially when it comes to your room because that is where you spend most of your time. Your room is a place where you can find peace and tranquility away from the world but it can also become a misery if you don't care for it.

There are number of ways you can make you room tidier and heaven in short. I would be listing 5 most important tips that you should always keep in mind.

5 Important Tips

#1. Set a Scheduled time

Keeping a schedule is the first toward keeping your room clean and tidy. You must set timing for clean up the room each day or even once in a week. Cleaning could be as simple as after you wake up tidy up your bed and set the things accordingly. You don't need to go out all at the same time meaning you don't need moping and dusting everyday rather doing these activities once in a week is enough. Try sorting things every day and leave proper cleaning for one major day.

#2. Skimming Unnecessary Things

Another important stuff that you must be careful about is keeping the unnecessary items stored in a storeroom or if they are just useless to you now thrown them out. This might sometime be the hardest thing to do if you are clinging on to things for longer than you should. It will only become harder for you decide which to keep and which to throw so be mindful of the thing you keep and only hold what is necessary to you.

#3. Innovative room Furniture

By using innovative furniture and  gadgets you allow your room to save some space which will allow your room to look bigger and clean. This is quite handful technique and usually works best with small rooms and apartments. But don't try to overdo this as this might cause you confusion about where you have placed your items. Still a real innovative house looks extra comfy and open be sure to try some good furniture products in your home.

#4. Stop any dust from coming in

Another way to stop hustling and cleaning things over again and again its using good measure to stop any dust from entering in the first. One of the best way is using door mat to stop remove any dust before you enter. Also you can close you can use dust filters on your windows to stop any dust from coming in. For a closed room Air conditioners would work the best.

#5. Use darker colors from Room Decoration

Using dark color to set up the environment in your room makes it look always clean. This might be a shortcut technique but it works very well because darker colored items look indifferent even when they are dirty so to a common person eye the rooms already looks cleaner and you feel light in your head. This still does not mean you do not have to clean room on your scheduled days.

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