Bugatti Chiron 2019
Bugatti Chiron 2019

In the world of sports cars  it has always been the dream of manufacturers to develop  a car that would the cross the 300mph cross-line but that all changed on August 2, 2019 when Bugatti introduced their new Bugatti Super sports Chiron. That day Bugatti officially declared itself to be the fastest Sports car in the world.

This is not the first time for a car to touch the 300mph cross-line. There has been 2 other great cars that have touched this barrier but none of them ever surpassed this much as compared to the new Bugatti Chiron 2019. The 1) Hennessy Venom F5 having top speed at 301mph and 2) SSC Tuatara having top speed at 300mph. As you can see both have speed closest to 300mph but barely at the edge which means that these top cars when pushed to max limit of their engine they only touched the 300mph cross-line. Now when you look at Bugatti they are touching 305mph(304.77) which is truly fascinating.

Although the new Bugatti is not Available for buyers to purchase yet but still the prototype showed by the Bugatti in their official video shows us the car touching 300 mph crossline. Link to official Bugatti Youtube video:

The new Bugatti would make deliveries in mid 2021 but you can Pre-order the car at base price $3.9 million. Which is a big price even for super cars and i believe Bugatti would be doing limited production of this car to keep its rarity.


Quad-turbocharged W16 engine

This is a real huge engine which is packing all the power in the new Bugatti Chiron. The car is powered by 1,177 kW (1,600 PS) quad-turbocharged W16 engine shared with the Bugatti Centodieci. The car has a total horsepower of 1578hp. The car also has nickname as Thor' and i wonder why but its a cool name.


Bugatti Chiron design 2019

Bugatti Chiron has a compact and rugged design making it a compressed beast about to unleash. The aerodynamics of the design allow the air to pass through the front panels allowing the air resistance to be the least. Although i would say it is not the most aerodynamic design out there but it gets covered up by its enormous engine power.

The car has a grey Bugatti logo made silver and black enamel. There is an exhaust system from the Centodieci also some modified gearbox with long ratios. The front and back bumper are aerodynamically optimized resulting in overall increased length of 248.9mm.


Bugatti Chiron 2019
Interior 2019

The interior of the car is full leather packed. You will find leather on the dash, the steering wheel and even on the hud of speedometer. The color combination really touches your excitement level to newer peaks. The big B' Logo on the steering wheel reminds you of the presence of the car all the time. The gear handle is still manual and classy as ever. The extra button are super nice and really blend in with the interior. There is speed mode which you can manually select when you want to touch beyond limits.

One more thing to be noticed is that Bugatti like the BMW is also giving all the buttons and controls for its car on the steering wheel which allows for quick access and easier driving.

Final verdict

Bugatti Chiron is a collectors item and true head bender of its own kind. Now after reaching heights of supremacy the car has one of the biggest super car fan following around the world. People are loving the brand more than other super cars manufacturers that i don't want to name. But still this is one of its kind.

Bugatti has made 30 examples of this car which will be available for production. But one major thing to be noticed is that the cars you will be receiving would be limited to 261 mph or 236 mph without the specific key.

Although which is not less but still all the hyped is yet to be tested until then keep enjoying rides and DRIVE SAFELY.