Dubizzo is a Dubai based startup that is bringing the Futuristic platform for the residents of Dubai. Dubizzo is the first official platform to provide support for VAR Content on the web with Expat Artificial Intelligence to show the content based on where you belong & what you like the most.

Dubizzo - The platform of the future

Dubizzo is the solution to advance lifestyle & Future with VAR Content on the go. Dubizzo will have everything for customers to experience. Making ordinary life more interactive with technology & Innovation.  Dubizzo is providing access to Dubai expo2020 experience for customers to experience future first hand from the comfort of their homes.

Next Form of the Content -VAR

The time has come to enter the next generation of innovation for information.  The information that is currently readily available is still in form of text and videos.
What if the information can be much much more. What if the blog you are reading can be more interactive, what if you can even experience those blog videos, See the weather on the go, find the people having same interests nearby just by moving the camera  and change the way you ever thought of information & best of all, you don't need platform limited mobile application. What if you can do this all from a single platform?

The platform of the future with more than just information in text, audio or videos, Dubizzo will have the first Augmented / Virtual Content. With the Advent of Web AR and VR and Progressive web applications (PWA) on the rise, We are moving into the next age of innovation and this is time for something new, something that give us the view into the future and that is what Dubizzo offers, VAR Content.
Dubizzo is set to change the way people perceive informative & entertainment on the go. With Dubizzo, you can do so much more. It a platform that is going to be next big thing in Dubai with its interactive design and features of the future.

Dubizzo will be your partner in Dubai giving you insight of nearby activities or what we like to call it "Happening in Dubai".

Dubizzo -Happening in Dubai

This is one of the most impressive feature that Dubizzo is packed in with. Consider yourself near Bur Dubai & imagine that your favorite local band is performing nearby that too from your home town. Dubizzo will show those events on priority using the data collected from Expat AI.

Everything that is happening around you related to you or your roots are covered by Dubizzo from the angle of your interests and your circle.  The way Expat AI will be the best tool to utilize in a multi culture locations all across the World.

Dubizzo Happening in Dubai program is currently specifically for Events & activities happening in Dubai. The team is planning to give more happening across the globe in the future.

Dubizzo Experience - Expo2020

Dubizzo Experience - Expo2020

Dubizzo experience is highly interactive content playground created every year covering the biggest events unlike anything before. Dubizzo Experience is basically Virtual Reality (VAR) experience to take you into another World. Either you can experience this from your camera or you can put on those VR Headsets and experience is most interactive way.

Dubizzo Experience - Expo2020 is set to be launched on new year 2020. This will give you complete view of Expo2020 in the most interactive way. Its more than just an overview, Dubizzo Experience will cover every depth of it letting users all across the globe experience the biggest event of the decades. Dubai Expo2020 is set to start from middle of 2020. Dubizzo will take you inside the very product of the companies, you can experience the product in VAR & even pre book the item to your door step*.

Dubizzo Experience has one more coolest feature that enable startup to bring more details out of their product by letting their visitors see their product through Dubizzo Glass or from the ease of their very own smartphone by just pointing their camera to the startup stall, thus enabling them to view more interactive details live.

Dubizzo Experience 2020 will also host many gaming challenges in the Expo2020 with cash prizes & Award winners.

[ Please Note that we are looking for more sponsers on board to power the Dubizzo Platform ]


Dubizzo know your roots & your circle, your interests & everything that you like the most. Dubizzo will classify the content that is relevant to you. Consider an Indian concert or a meetup of your local community happening nearby, Dubizzo will consider your set preferences to sort the data.