Undoubtedly at the time of this writing, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building that man has ever build. However, things are about to change as a new skyscraper is going to break the record known as the "The Creek Tower".

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Dubai Creek Tower

The Creek tower would have some impressive features and would be the next iconic tower in the World. Best part about Creek Tower being built is actually its  in the same city as where the World current tallest building is located i.e. Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa & The Creek Tower would be marvel of mankind creations standing more than 3000 feet high and can be seen from far away. However, the Creek Tower.

Features of Dubai Creek Tower

Some of the most important features of the Dubai Creek Tower are

  1. Height reaching 928 meter ( 3, 045 feet ) high. ( current record of Burj Khalifa - 838 Feet ).
  2. A beacon of light would be lighted from the tip that will serve as the icon for the city.
  3. Around 10 Observatory deck would be at the top which will give 360 degree view of the whole city.
  4. The most prominent of these deck would be the Pinacle Room which would be one of the toughest to build and will give complete view of the Dubai.
  5. Due to its high height and smaller width as compared to Burj Khalifa, in order to support the Tower highly durable cables would be suspended from the floor to provide support to this massive tower.
  6. The floors near to the ground would mainly hold shopping centers & Creek mall to attract shoppers.

We can't wait to see this marvel of architecture that will break all mankind records dating back from pyramids to Burj Khalifa and now The Tower!