Most of us nowadays are suffering from deprivation and it has been getting worse with time. People indulge themselves in activities which lead them to poor sleep and poor health.

Poor sleep could be caused by many factors such as nutrition imbalance, poor habits, misuse of medicine and even stress plays major influence over good night sleep.

Besides the many factors the real issue how to get back in track and start enjoying good night sleep. Addressing to this issue we will provide you with 7 tips which will help you enjoy a good night sleep.

Tips for a Good night sleep

#1.  Sleep Schedule

One of the most important thing leading to good night sleep is a sleep schedule. You must fix the time when you go to sleep and when you wake up. By maintaining a sleep schedule we train our mind to develop a sleep cycle which automatically puts us to sleep at our sleeping time.

You should aim to sleep between 9pm-11pm and try waking up between 5am-7am. A period of 8 hours has been recommended by researchers further a good night has been linked to increased cognitive abilities. So maintaining a good sleep schedule is first most important part for achieving a good night sleep.

#2. Good mattress

A good Mattress is the second most important thing you need to focus on for a good night sleep. A good mattress doesn't necessarily means a mattress that is softer or more expensive. A good mattress is the one which perfectly suits your body spine alignment and provides you the perfect support and relaxation.

A good mattress nowadays come with a hefty price tag but that does not means the most expensive one is the most comfortable but in actual it is the comfort the mattress provides to your specific body shape. Even if the mattress costs you a bit above your budget it should not be compromised instead a mattress with good support and long useful life can provide you more productivity benefit compared to the cost you invest.

#3.  Remove Stress

Stress can also become a major factor which can lead to poor sleep. Although sleep helps with stress but if you go to sleep feeling stress then you will never have a good night sleep. There are many ways to chill down and remove stress before going to sleep such as:

Meditation helps the person tune into the present moment and remove all the negative thought which dwell in his mind. Meditation has been proven to lower cortisol level also known as the stress hormone. Meditation can be as simple as 10-20 min sitting down and just focusing on breathing. One important tip about meditation is that you must not have any ulterior motive in your mind simply sitting to do breathing should be the objective nothing.

Other than that you can try green tea in afternoon or even taking some relaxant can help you relax before sleep. Never go to bed with a stressed mind.

#4. Lower your room temperature

Another Effective way of getting a sound sleep is lowering your room temperature. By lower the room temperature you tell your body to cool down and relax. It is an auto stimulant and help your body recover from any stress or headache. Simply lower your room temperature and enjoy good night sleep.

#5. Don't take long naps in the afternoon

Avoid taking take longer naps in the afternoon. In no way i am telling you stop taking naps in the afternoon because i personally think that they great way of recovering your energy and helping you stay back in the game But any nap longer than 30min will take your sleep at night. So avoid any long naps during afternoon for a good night sleep.

#6. Don't consume any liquids before bed

When you are going to drink a glass of water or any other liquid, you will have to flush it out soon. This is because water digest away through our system fast and eventually goes into our bladder where it stays to be removed. But if you drink a full glass of water right before you go to sleep this will put pressure on your bowel and irritate you the entire night. You will either have to break your sleep and flush it out or you will have to hold it which is never recommended.

#7. Avoid all screens

Display screen emit blue rays that harm your eyes which we all know but we don't know that these blue rays tell our brain that it's day time which keeps your awake. All of this has to do with the day cycle we experience from dusk till dawn. The sun automatically adjusts its color temperature throughout the day giving our brain the understanding of a day cycle.

One way of handling this issue is to use blue screen filters on your smartphones and laptops or just avoid any display screen 1-2 hours before going to sleep.

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