Most of who are living day to day don't set up any healthy morning routine. Checking their smartphones and breakfast is the only thing that is in their mind when they wake up but besides that there are couple of other things they should be doing to improve their health.

In our modern lifestyle we have adopted a sedentary lifestyle mostly because of type office work required nowadays. We are more reliant on Laptops and workstation to perform our daily which leads us to sitting in front of them for long period of time. And the moment we get home we are tired and there is no time or energy to go to the gym or any other physical activity.

Given that the best time which you can find to do some exercise and stay fit is in the early morning or more accurately right after you wake up. There are bunch of hobbies you can adopt for your morning routine therefore we have gathered 5 most important things that everyone should be doing after they wake up

5 Important things

#1. Catch the Sunlight

Sunshine windows

Most of use when we wake up the first thing we do is check our smartphones which is the worst thing to do. When you wake up your eyes want bright light to wake your brain. If you don't catch any bright light our brain thinks  its still not morning and you feel lazy. We don't need to find any bright light bulb or so because we already have the Sun. Sunlight is the most accurate amount of light that helps you wake you up.

So the first thing you should be doing is opening up your curtains and letting the bright sunlight come in and this simple act would change your sleep cycle and overall health in no time.

#2. Drink some Lemon Water

Lemon water Morning

Drinking some warm water with 1/2 a lemon can clean up your entire digestive system. You will feel light and fresh than ever before. Drinking just water puts pressure on your kidneys but if you add some lemon to it, it actually help the digestive system to clean it up.

So the next you want to do is drink some warm water with lemon, also you can take fruit as well which will boost your glucose level and increase the energy build up.

#3. Do some Exercise and Stretches

Morning Stretch routine

Next most important thing is that your get some blood flowing in your body. Your body stays in a single position all night which relaxes your muscles but makes them weak as well. So you want to get the blood flowing again and pushing your muscles to edges.

You can perform stretches at first which will open your body up later on you can go for a walk or gym whichever suits you the best.

#4. Take a cold shower

Cold shower

Taking a cold shower has many benefits such as alertness, boosting immune system and cells closing to prevent bacteria intake. Above all it freshens you up and removes any sleepiness you have within you. So a cold a shower is recommendation for all to startup their day.

I prefer taking a warm shower first which open up your spores and easily cleans them up afterward i take a quick cold shower to sting my nerves and bring back my alertness from my morning drowsiness.

#5. Have a good Breakfast

Morning Breakfast

Last but not least a good breakfast is a Must. If you have done all the previous activities but have not taken a good breakfast then it's worthless. A good breakfast is one which includes all the nutrients that you require for a healthy start. Which includes protein, carbs, good fats and vitamins as well.

Having dairy products in the morning is great for your body. You can opt for a glass of milk with buttery pancakes and some fresh fruits. Eggs are must for me so i take eggs as my best breakfast food item.

Hope you liked our post and enjoyed learning new thing today. Stay fit and healthy always.